domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

Windows 7 Pre-Beta Build 6956 Setup Installation DVD ISO Image

"The developers in China has managed to install Windows 7 build 6956, clean the extra user
accounts, run the Sysprep utility to generalize, clean and re-initialize the system to factory state, and then uses ImageX to capture and create Windows image (.wim file format
) consisting of only Windows 7 build 6956 installation files under WinPE environment. Then, the created install.wim file is used to replace and overwrite the same file in Windows 7 build 6801 installation DVD image (the latest build which has setup DVD image leaks).

Thus, DVD installation ISO image for Win7 build 6956 is created based on build 6801 DVD image. However, the ISO image for Windows 7 build 6956 will actually install the new build, and the system installed will be clean, complete with full functionality of Windows 7 (without need to hack), and has the newest boot screen. The only exception is that as the installation media is based on build 6801, thus when booting or starting up the system using the media, the bottom right corner will show version 6801, however, it does not affect the end product."

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